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If you are aware of any financial aid opportunity/scholarship for Italian American students, please email the name of the scholarship organization, description of scholarship, contact information, mailing address, phone number, Web site and email address to so that it may be added to our listing.


Scholarships from Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA)
Through the Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) and more than 650 state and local lodges, the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) has awarded nearly $47 million in scholarships to date.

Each year, the SIF offers 10 to 12 merit-based scholarships, ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, in a nationwide competition, the National Leadership Grant Competition. Applications are screened by education professionals and final selection is made by OSIA's National Education Committee. Scholarship winners only will be notified by May 1. Monetary awards are presented directly to students' academic institutions in accordance with eligibility requirements.

General Eligibility: U.S. citizens of Italian descent (at least one Italian or Italian American grandparent) enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a four-year, accredited academic institution for the Fall 2010 term. Previous SIF scholarship winners are not eligible. (Please note: Additional eligibility requirements may apply to specific scholarships.)

See the full list of General Study Scholarships and Study Abroad & Special Scholarships that are available.

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UNICO National Scholarships
UNICO's Scholarship Committee meets twice per year, once at the midyear board meeting in the spring and the second time at the national convention, midsummer.  Between the two meetings, the scholarship selection committee (UNICANS selected by the scholarship director) forms a committee of non-UNICANS in order to judge the individual scholarships. There are presently six scholarships for which there are six chairmen who then select the judges who are business professionals.

Those scholarships to American citizens offered by UNICO National are:
• Sergeant John Basilone Postgraduate Scholarship
• William C. Davini Scholarship
• Major Don S. Gentile
• Alphonse A. Miele Scholarship
• Theodore Mazza Scholarship
• Dr. Benjamin Cottone Scholarship
• Marconi Science Award

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Italian American Cultural Foundation Literature and Language Program
IACF awards on average $20,000 annually to students attending 9 high schools and 3 colleges who participate in the Foundation's Literature and Language program. IACF has placed over $30,000 worth of books of Italian American literature in libraries of participating schools.

Students compete for monetary education awards by choosing a book from the collection provided by IACF and submitting an essay detailing how this book has influenced the student’s perspective of Italian American culture. Essays are judged by a committee of academicians independent of the Foundation.

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